Trans Ocean Logistics. strongly believes in providing corporate customers with supply chain management strategies to achieve cost reductions, increased operating efficiencies and value added services for their internal & external business entities.

As 3PL service provider, we offer integration of our Logistics Systems with our customers information system to optimize business processes across the value chain and enable collaborating with business partners in the trading network, in real time, worldwide utilizing our software.

Our Suite of E-Logistics Management: (Fully Designed and Developed in-house by our IT Experts)
   NEWINS (Trans Ocean Logistics Information Network System).

    BASICS (Warehousing System).

    EDI Paperless System (Customs Declaration & EDI System).

    TIMeSx2 (Specialized Application for Manufactures Factory Logistics & Procurement).

    Delivery Consolidation Center (DCC).

    FG Track (Finished Goods Tracking and Automation Solution).
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