Trans Ocean Logistics strategically located warehouses are all equipped and managed to function as the core in regard to supply chain management and distribution networking. According to the high demands of accurate deliveries and reliable supply chain management, communication and information technology, material handling equipment, and professional staff are deployed to achieve best customer satisfaction.
We understand the importance of Real Time STOCK Visibility at the right time. To achieve this, we are well equipped with our In house developed BASICS System..
E-Stock enables our customers to see their inventory thru secured Web Connectivity at all times.
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Warehousing & Distribution
Trucking Services
Warehousing & Distribution
Ocean Cargo & Air Freight
Packaging & Heavy Machinery
Customs Clearance Services
Hi-Tech Nittsu Global Availability.

Bar Code / RF equipment.

Location Control Free and Fixed    Location.

Based on FIFO but other requirements   can be made as well.

Bonded Warehouse Administration.

Serial Number Administration.

    Shipping Documents Issue

    Multiple Warehouse Sites with
    integrated stock management.
Our distribution centers (warehouses) do not only handle mere stock storage but support the complete Logistics needs and sales of your company.

This covers from inspection, price tags, packing, set assembly by store and distribution to processing functions such as ordering trace cargo operations, loading and unloading and inventory management, covering all requirements of the distribution and transportation business.

We offer delivery sorting and combining the transport (by utilizing a variety of transport modes), with the functionality of our warehouses, which act as a control center for the entire logistics of major companies, for who we achieve best results.

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